It is an unfortunate truth that the material of history is constantly disintegrating--photos fade; diaries are thrown away; memories are not passed down; entire towns are forgotten. One of our duties, I believe, is to preserve as much as possible from past generations for those yet to come.

This website is dedicated to the history of the Wildcat Creek area of central Indiana, loosely defined. Basically anything falling between Lafayette, Delphi, Kokomo, and Frankfort. I am especially interested in the smaller towns and communities, such as my home towns of Cambria, Rossville, and Mulberry, but all of this is only a focus--I am open to anything that catches my interest.

My hope is to uncover, rediscover, and record as much of the local history as I can. This includes calling attention to material already gathered and digitizing what I can to make it accessible to the public.

If you have old photos, documents, or artifacts from the area, I would love to see them, and would be happy to come photograph/scan them for you so that you may share your history without needing to give up your originals. Anything I scan would be made freely available to the public unless requested otherwise.

I also would love to hear any tips on interesting local history, stories you have been told, or locations to be researched/photographed. If you have an older friend or relative who you think should be interviewed, I have professional recording equipment and would be happy to help.

Feel free to contact me at contact@wildcathistory.net.

Who is "me"?

My name is Benjamin Sloan. I am a local writer from a tiny town called Cambria, near Rossville and Mulberry. My family has been in this area for about two hundred years. You can check out my personal website at BenjaminSloan.com or my genealogy blog at IndianaSloans.blogspot.com.


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